Catering & Private Chef

You want to organize an event and you need a catering service

you ever dreamt of hiring a private chef and having a super nice and professional dinner for you and your family or friends, everything at your villa without having to go to a restaurant? Or are you a fan of the big events? Would you like to have a special and professionally organized event at your place? NConnect Ibiza can do that for you and you won’t have to worry about anything.

We will take care of every single detail and make sure your breakfast/lunch/dinner or event will be unforgettable! Your guests will want you to organize dinners all the time and they will love staying at your place enjoying good food and great company.

Either if you want your event to happen in one of our villas that you booked for your holiday or if you live here in Ibiza and you want to use your private house, there won’t be any problem for us!

NConnect Ibiza will be able to set up the perfect venue for you and your place will look so good that you won’t even recognize it! Great furniture and decorations, nice benches, chairs, tables, curtains, and much more, will change your house completely.

Contact NConnect Ibiza, tell us what your idea is, the kind of event you want to host at your place, the type of food, drinks, if it is going to be an indoor or outdoor event, if it’s going to be at lunch time or dinner time,

the number of people you want to have, if there is any specific theme you want to have. The more details you will give to us, the better we will be able to organize everything!!

Our professional chefs will bring amazing buffets or great freshly cooked food over.

Are you thinking about any kind of finger food? We can do that! Do you have a proper dinner in your mind, with starters, main courses, desserts and so on? We can do that as well!

The best waiters will work the best as they can and they will be with you and your guests all the time during your special occasion.

Plates will never be empty and there will always be something nice to drink in your glass!


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