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Rent one of our boats and discover the islands.

What is the most amazing thing about Ibiza it? It is definitely its sea, those crystal-clear waters that will take your breath away, the amazing sunsets and the marvelous beaches. And there is a perfect way to admire all this beauty from another place that is not land.

The perfect way is by renting a beautiful and luxurious yacht or a cozy boat with us. You will have an amazing experience and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. We are convinced that the stunning views will remain engraved and stuck forever in your mind, being one of the best memories of your holiday.

Either you prefer to get a small boat for a few people or a much bigger yacht for a big group, you just need to let us know and we will give you the perfect one for the kind of adventure you have in mind! It can be a short day boat trip or a few nights on a glamorous yacht.

In case you decide to rent a private yacht, we will provide you with the best crew that will make your experience incredible and will take care of everything you may need. You will absolutely enjoy your private little cruise.

Wherever you decide to go and whichever kind of boat you will decide to rent we are sure that you will have a great time with us. So, what are you waiting for? Book your boat or yacht and make your holiday wonderful !

NConnect Ibiza offers you different choices. You will be able to rent a boat or a yacht, and you can decide if you want to sail it yourself (you will need to have skippering experience) or if you prefer to have someone to do it for you.

We also do awesome guided tours around the island bringing our customers to discover the most hidden spots, and to admire the most natural face of Ibiza! Calas, cliffs, beaches, little coastal villages and much more. Contact us for more information about the yacht charters


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