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You want to book a car? we will do it for you

Would you like to go for a road trip and explore the magnificent landscapes Ibiza has to offer? Choose our rental car service! You will discover hidden beaches, amazing little villages and festivals, coastal tours and much more!

You will definitely find something to see, activities to do and places to go. And there is no better way to do it than with your own vehicle! Taking your time, filling your boots with whatever you like and not having to worry about respecting timetables.

NConnect Ibiza has a big fleet of cars, from automatic, to manual ones, to electrics and you can choose the way to drive that suits you better. All of them are new, comfortable and you can choose to get gps of wi-fi service if you need. If you are traveling with small kids, we also have comfy car seats for them so you will all travel in total safety!

Contact us and find out how we can help you! We will explain all you need to know and give you all the details for a perfect ride! Don’t wait any longer!

It is the perfect way to explore the island and enjoy summer to the fullest!
rental car nconnect ibiza

You can also choose whether you like to get insurance or not and which one works better for you.

The booking will take just a few minutes and after that, you will be able to enjoy your road trip as you deserve!


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